First Things First

Listen | Assess | Confirm


David listens. He knows every situation presents unique considerations. A CEO thinking about growth and legacy when he or she steps down has a different set of objectives than a company working with an equity group; product development and the bottom line are likely approached differently. What is common to most scenarios is the desire to improve practices, explore new markets while effectively exploiting those that already exist.


Once all the information is gathered, Hat Trick Consulting provides an assessment based on the conversations within the organization, an analysis of the client’s position in the marketplace from the standpoint of both consumers and competitors, and recommendations for the steps that can be taken to fulfill the objectives the client has identified. David often takes things several steps further providing insights into how the intellectual capital of a company might be monetized in a way not previously considered.


The need David meets is, “How?” Once the information is gathered and recommendations are made, Hat Trick Consulting works with the individuals within an organization on all phases of execution. Benchmarks are set for deliverables whether looking at proof of concept, return on investment, or revenue growth and retention.

Strategy requires thought, Tactics require observation.

Max Euwe – Mathematician, Author, Chess Master


Successful profit and loss management is integral to all corporate initiatives and plays a key role in the approach Hat Trick Consulting Services takes with its clients.

Identifies and develops market segmentation, lead development protocols and direct marketing approaches for companies in need of a fresh take to improve systems, process and revenue.

At the end of the day the art of striking a deal is not just about profitability, but ensuring all parties genuinely walk away from the table feeling positive about the association.

Increased the bottom line from $500,000 to $1.2M within the first 18 months of a now leading packaging company located in the midwest.

Develops and executes international corporate alliance strategies for companies where expansion into other global markets makes fiscal sense.

Consistently manages Direct Reports and Cross-Functional Teams to meet and/or exceed sales goals, management objectives, and private equity initiatives.


David’s knowledge of the Medical Device market drivers and determination to gain access and influence with the key decision makers in our customer base was impressive. All accompanied by a positive attitude and social manner that made it a pleasure to work with him.
– Diarmuid Wilson, Essentra Packaging

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